Hello, I am Carol Salvato. I am a digital games programmer and researcher and, a great enthusiast in the artificial intelligence area and cognitive computing applied to games. In my research and development, I seek to use games for training intelligent systems, using the ease of an immersive and controllable environment. But also to develop intelligent systems that are powerful and can be used in digital games, improving immersion and challenges.

Continue reading to know a little more about my beginning in the areas of research and work, and see my first game made in 2013, in flash, with the name “The Grape Skater” (A Uva Patinadora in Portuguese).



Carol Salvato Curriculum in English

My Curriculum:

Main Tools

Java   Csharp    Python    Java   

  Java         C#        Python     Unity    



Technologist (Graduation)

Analysis and Systems Development:

(2013 – 2016)

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development at IFSP, twice a scientific initiation scholarship in the projects, “Creation of a game prototype to assist in the teaching/learning of Boolean algebra and mathematical foundations used in computing” and “Creation of a virtual environment for simulating artificial life applications”, and as a final project the development of a 3D mobile robotics simulator using genetic algorithms.
With this, in addition to the course content, it was possible to have practical experiences with the research and development of software and games, also knowing more deeply the area of artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. Which led to the participation, publication, and presentation of works in congresses and journals.

Scientific Initiation 1 (2014 – 2015) :

  • Unity
  • C#
  • Educational Games
  •  3D Games
  • Research and Development


Scientific Initiation 2 (2015 – 2016) :

  • Unity
  • C#
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Natural Computing
  • 3D Simulations
  • Research and Development


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Computer Engineering:

(2020 – present)

In progress

Master’s Degree

Computer Engineering:

(2017- 2020)

Application of MECA Cognitive Architecture in the control of autonomous agents in a digital game environment. The focus of this work is to explore the potential of MECA architecture, testing, and validating it in a complex environment such as the environment of digital games. Among other resources offered by architecture, it is intended to explore the capacities of episodic memory and motivational system, taking into account the concept of dual processes, for the definition of the agent’s behavior and its learning in a game that incorporates multiple objectives and a wide range of actions in your environment. The game in question is Minecraft, using the interface provided by the project malmo as an interface. Thus, the present work aims at the same time to study the potential of the use of MECA architecture in digital games, as well as to serve as a validation of the architecture itself, within the broader context of its use in the development of intelligent agents.

  • Java
  • MECA (Multipurpose Enhanced Cognitive Architecture)
  • CST (The Cognitive Systems Toolkit)
  • Cognitive Architectures
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games
  • Intelligent Agent
  • Machine Learning
  • Project Malmo (Minecraft for AI)
  • Research and Development


Ilex Games:

(2020 – present)

Programming and development of digital games using the Unity tool together with the C# programming language. Within Ilex Games, I worked on projects developing educational games and entertainment games. I worked with virtual reality technologies (VR), augmented reality (AR), and in the development of 2D and 3D games.

  • Unity
  • C#
  • AR
  • VR
  • 2D Game
  • 3D Game
  • Programming


Artificial Life Game Code:

Artificial Life Game Code or ALGameCode (ALGC) started just like a blog I created in 2014 during college to share my studies and new learnings. Today ALGC is a big project, with videos, games, intelligent systems, and a blog where I publish studies, devlogs, and news about the projects. Today the main objective of ALGC is to share information, carry out research and development in the field of artificial intelligence applied to digital games, and mainly to develop new tools and games. In the projects, I work as a researcher, developer, and administrator.

  • Research and Development
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • C#
  • Java
  • C++
  • Python
  • Blender


Game Developer

The development of digital games was what put me in the area of programming and artificial intelligence, and it has never ceased to be a great interest of mine. From before graduation until today I keep studying game development mainly programming and design.

Artificial Cognition

It is amazing how the human mind and the biological mind also work. All this complex system studied by neuroscience and psychology, cognition is the combination of several processes responsible for learning, adaptation, memory, and feelings. In my studies, I try to understand the existing processes and replicate them in artificial agents.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is critical for smart systems to work. A good learning and adaptation algorithm can make all the difference in an intelligent system. Therefore, this is one of my areas of study and specialization.

Natural Computing

Natural computing is yet another fascinating area of study, in which using nature and biology as inspiration, new technologies and algorithms are developed. I believe that using some of these techniques together with others that I also study can help in the development of a better quality intelligent system.


In addition to my recent quest to become an expert in the development of intelligent systems for games, I keep studying and updating my knowledge. I think it is important throughout our lives to continue learning new skills and improving those already acquired. That’s why I keep studying through courses like the following:

AI, Game Dev, and Programming Languages


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